Your Survival Guide to Cork Slang

What’s the story?

A few months ago I took to Instagram to ask the beours and feens of Cork about their favourite slang and sure we were away for slates! Cork slang is a language onto itself  and this is the perfect survival guide to understanding this unique rebel language! So balm out and have a gawk off this pure daycent list – it’s the berries kid!


What’s the story – Any news?

How’s it going boi – How are you getting on

Beour –  Female

Feen –  Male

Pana – Patrick Street

Pure daycent – Excellent

He’s a langer – He’s an irritating / annoying / obnoxious person

He’s langers – He’s very drunk

The berries  – Very good / the best

She’s a lasher – A good looking person

Bazzer – Hair cut

Fanta bazz – A red haired gentleman

I will ya – I won’t!

Mockeah – Not true / fictional

Nice one – Thank you

Girl you’re massive – You look gorgeous

Like – Used in every sentence for no apparent reason

To have a gawk/lamp at – To look or stare at

All gillette – All dressed up

Me daza – Looking gorgeous

My oul lade – My mother

Away for slates – To do well or be successful

Ball hopper – Joker

To balm Out – To lie down / relax

I’m bate – I’m tired / exhausted

Getting a “fifty” – To be stood up by your date

That’s gas – That’s so funny

I’m allergic girl – I’m not impressed

  Yer wan is about 12

Used by every Cork person to describe anyone younger than them

  Straw crawling – Fishing at the Lee fields or off a bridge

Lapsy paa – An indeterminate infection

A manage – A savings scheme operated by a few people

He’s a flah –He is an attractive person

Going for a scove – Going for a walk / stroll

Be dog wide – Be careful

I’m weak – I’m delighted

Having a ball – Having a great time

Doubtcha boy – Term of approval

Take a sconce there la – Have a look

Gowl/gom –  Idiot / fool

Yer one / yer man –  That lady / that gentleman

Skitting – To laugh hard

I was haunted –  I was very lucky or fortunate

The place was jointed – Very busy or packed

You’re the bop of your mother –  You look like your mother

Doing a line – To date somebody

He would break your melt – Test your patience

A breezer – A fart

Chalk it down kid – To agree wholeheartedly

Dolled up – Dressed up

To keep sketch – To watch out

Coola boola – Cool, super, savage

Feek – To have sex with

To go gatting – To go drinking

Goosa – Third wheel / third person out

Nice one for reading!


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