Lanzarote – The Island of Volcanoes






Why go – With more than 300 days of sunshine per year Lanzarote is the perfect destination for the sun deprived population of Cork. Part of the Canary Islands and close -ish to the African coast this is an island guaranteed of three things – sunshine, blue skies and volcanoes. Sunshine aside this island offers so much for those who just want to relax and those looking for an adventure.

Getting there is easy – Fly direct from Cork to Lanzarote with a flight time of approximately 4 hours. Aer Lingus have some great prices for April and May so go check them out.

Where to stay – I’m a big fan of Air bnb. We stayed in a villa located approximately a 15 minute walk from the Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca. It sleeps up to 6 people and it was very spacious. My favourite part of this villa was the outdoor lounge. This consisted of a seating area, BBQ, dining area and your very own private pool for when you need to cool off during the day. This villa also has a balcony off the main bedroom which offers the perfect spot to catch the sunset every evening.  If your looking to walk into central Playa Blanca from here then its a bit of a trek; however a taxi ride only costs €4 so it wont break the bank. Check it out here.




Things to do – As a certified scuba diver since 2016 (i’m still a newbie) I was SO excited for scuba diving in Lanzarote as they are the only place in Europe that offer an under water museum! I dived with Rubicon Diving and it cost approximately  €66 for the dive including the entry fee into Atlantico Mueso. The best way to describe this dive site is hauntingly beautiful. It is full of sculptures depicting a variety of modern scenes such as the refugee crisis, the rise of social media and much more. You can also find an abundance of marine life down there making this an exciting dive site.


South Tour – this tour was a full day trip. It took approximately 6-7 hours and cost €33 per person. We discovered how the six year long volcanic eruption from 1730 to 1736 shaped the island of Lanzarote in Timanafaya National Park.  By bus we were taken to see volcanoes and the extensive lava fields that expand across the island. The landscape in Lanzarote is so beautiful awash with tones of red, yellow and black which overlap to create a stunning volcanic backdrop. On arrival to the Timanafaya National Park you can opt for a 20 minute camel ride. While its lovely to see camels in such a beautiful setting and the idea of a camel ride is exciting – its just animal cruelty as they are chained together and forced to carry people around all day.

La Geria – the wine region of Lanzarote is the next stop on the tour. Here we visited a little winery where we tasted two different types of complimentary wine. This winery also offers local wine at duty free prices. An interesting part of this tour was seeing the “fields” where they grow their grapes. In Lanzarote fields are the complete opposite to Ireland- black fields with little stone walls to protect the plants from the wind!

“El Golfo” was the next stop which brought us to “El Charco de los Clicos” (the Green Lagoon). The green lagoon is located between volcanic cliffs and a black beach – this is where the volcanic lava met the Atlanic ocean many years ago. From here you can also take a walk along the rugged coastline of Los Hevideros.






Beaches – Playa Blanca has some beautiful beaches such as Playa Flamingo, Playa Papagayo, Playa Blanca and Play Dorada. Playa Dorada  is situated between Marina Rubicon and central Playa Blanca. This is a man made beach and it really is stunning. White sand and crystal clear water is the only way to describe it. The water here is great for a swim or snorkel. We bought a snorkel set in a nearby shop and spent the afternoon exploring these clear waters for shoals of fish. You can also grab a drink at the nearby beach bar while enjoying the views across the water.



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