Cork Burger Festival 2017

Cork Burger Festival is finally here! From January 30th to February 5th Cork City and County will be brimming with amazing burgers across 35 different venues. With each venue looking to win the title of ‘Best Burger in Cork’ they are seriously upping the ante in terms of their burger nominations.  Venues will be battling it out this week to serve the people of Cork with some delicious burgers! Contenders include, Son of a Bun, Soberlane, Kc & Son & Sons and The Burger Shack to name but a very small few – you won’t want to miss out! If you love a good burger – then you need to get out and about this week and burger hop your way across Cork! You can see a full list of all the venues here – best of luck trying to pick one to visit!


Yesterday I popped into Griffins in Dripsey, Co. Cork to sample their nomination for Cork Burger Festival and I was very impressed! Griffins is an award-winning garden centre and gourmet restaurant which is located approximately 15 minutes from Ballincollig / Blarney. In a stunning location on the banks of the river the view alone is a great reason to visit Griffins. The restaurant is surrounded by glass providing a great view of the outdoors – or if the weather permits you can sit out on their beautiful terrace.

Griffins have put A LOT of effort into their burger nomination. It is filled with onions, bacon, tomato and BBQ mayo. But my favorite part is that the burger is made with a gubeen cheese filling, so when you cut into the burger the cheese just oozes out! And to top it all off – Granny Griffin is making the burger buns from scratch all week and they are garlic and rosemary infused! Need I say more?


So not only is Griffins an excellent location for #corkburgerfest but it’s also a fantastic location for a weekend spin. From flowers, home-ware and a gourmet restaurant you will have plenty to fill your time. Why not enjoy afternoon tea on the terrace or take a wander through their 13 inspirational display gardens? To top off a great week – Griffins are also hosting a Free Family event this Saturday 4th of February.


In order to vote for Cork’s Best Burger all you need to do is:

Take a photo of the burger

Post the photo to social media

Hashtag #corkburgerfest and the #venue

May the best burger win!!







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